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Over 25 years experience treating DUI offenders


Alcohol Addiction Counseling in Belleville and Edwardsville, Illinois

DeRousse Counseling & DUI Services is a drug and alcohol outpatient treatment center focusing on DUI offenders. We offer substance abuse and addiction counseling services to complete court-mandated evaluations and DUI classes.

What We Do

DeRousse Counseling & DUI Services offers programs and services for court-mandated and self-help clients, including:

  • DUI evaluation
  • Level One Risk Education
  • Level II Moderate Risk Early Intervention
  • Level II Significant Risk Treatment
  • Level III High-Risk Treatment

We specialize in DUI services, particularly for clients who are seeking reinstatement of their driver’s license from the Secretary of State.

DeRousse Counseling & DUI Services
DeRousse Counseling & DUI Services

Our License and Certificates

DeRousse Counseling & DUI Services is licensed through the Illinois Department of Human Services Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. Our founder, Mr. DeRousse, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He is a Certified Reciprocal Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor.

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